Ten Reasons Why I'm Glad We Get to Homeschool

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10) The core lessons, when taught one-on-one, don’t take that long! This leaves plenty of time to pursue other things: read the classics, memorize Scripture, learn how to knit, try out Tae Kwon Do or ballet lessons on DVD, exercise with Mom & Dad, piano, fun family trips, etc.

9) When someone comes to visit, everything can revolve around enjoying the visitor (Grandma, aunts & uncles, etc.) These are cherished times! I want my kids to know their extended family.

8 ) I get to choose who my kids hang out with & form friendships with – an ever increasing “must” for both safety & wisdom in this day & age.

7) My children can grow at their own pace. They may excel beyond their assigned grade in one area, but need to take extra time to learn another, for them, more challenging skill. Every child is unique in their learning skills & styles.

6) My kids don’t have to waste their time standing in line for the bathroom, wait for everyone else to get out their books & sharpen pencils to start lessons, or learn new “tricks” in the lunchroom or playground. That’s not to say they don’t waste time or learn new tricks, but I have a lot more control over all that in these early years.

5) My kids don’t compare themselves to others – they don’t think they’re the smartest kid on the block, or the dummy in the class, either – healthy self-esteem.

4) I know what my kids are learning & can supplement with resources at the library, etc. We get excited & discuss topics as they “pop up” in real life.

3) I get to introduce God into their lives throughout their studies & day. (ex. – study China/Buddhism = we get to talk about how Jesus is different from other gods.) We can talk about how penguins & peacocks are MADE & how creative God is! We can note God’s awesome creativity in snowflakes, tree varieties, animals, etc.

2) My kids see me as the main authority in their life. They want to please me (for the most part!!), learn from me…I have their hearts. Time will come soon enough for them to give it away to another.

1) My kids know each other. We get to make memories together rather than with 30 kids & the teacher of the year. We spend time together. The older learn to be patient with the younger & the younger admire the older. No, it’s not a utopia of learning every day, but every day I am thankful for this year with my children at home.  It is most definitely worth the effort!


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