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Personal History

- Write some person history: "Yesterday, I ________. Today, I am going ___________"

- Have your child make a simple timeline of their life so far.

- Make a small family tree. (See Unit 30: Mom/Dad)

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Self Portrait

Have your child do a self portrait. Teach them how to start with an oval, put eyes in the middle, ears even with eyes, then add hair, neck, mouth, etc. Have your child use a mirror. Talk about reflection. Use the book "I See Myself" (see book list above) to tie it in.

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Three Things

- Draw and or write a "Three Things Book": (template here) three things that make you happy, three things that make you sad, three things you like, three things you dislike, three things that are important to you, three things you fear, three things you would like to do, three things you would like to see, three wishes, three gifts you'd like to get, three gifts you'd like to give.

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All About Me

Start your new school year by making a book that records all things having to do with your little one: height, self portrait, favorite things (color, game, movie, food, animal, outfit), birthday, etc. There are many poster and book templates out there if you'd rather go that route: here, here, here, and here are a few.

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Watch "Same, Same" video &/or read the book. Get your child thinking about what makes his world unique & special. How would your child describe himself & his surroundings to a pen pal?

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  • I See Myself - Vickie Cobb
  • My Dog Is As Smelly As Dirty Socks And Other Family Portraits - Hanoch Piven
  • Jack's Talent - Maryann Cocca-Leffler
  • Incredible Me! - Kathi Appelt
  • The Story of Ferdinand the Bull - Munro Leaf
  • Leo the Late Bloomer - Robert Kraus
  • I Like Me! - Nancy Carlson
  • What I Like About Me! - Allia Zobel Nolan
  • Shades of People - Shelley Rotner
  • Same, Same, But Different - Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw


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General Goals:

  •  Recognize similarities & differences in other people and themselves.
  •  Begin to appreciate the uniqueness in self & others around them.
  •  Demonstrate self awareness, artistic expression, & begin to gain basic proper proportion by sketching a self portrait.
  •  Gain historical perspective with personal timeline & writing "" statements.
  •  Understand what a biography is by writing a simple one of their own.
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Introduce Our Solar System

Here’s a fun little song by Story Bots to introduce our solar system to your little ones.

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Itchy's Word Search

Another of our little alphabet friend Itchy's worksheets, this word search could be done any week, but your child should be able to complete it solo at this point in the year so I stick the link in here. And remember, if you child likes those on line games, to check out what game Itchy is playing these days here.
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Itchy's Pumpkin Maze

Here's another Itchy worksheet to tie your alphabet chart in with the theme this week just for fun. Here is a pumpkin maze. And don't forget to check Itchy's games on line, too.