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Itchy's Autumn Leaves

For those using Burton Reading as your main curriculum, I found a fun little worksheet to tie your alphabet chart in with leaves this week. Itchy, the character used for the letter "i", is now featured in some worksheets. I will post links to them as they are useful throughout the year. The first one here reviews numbers & colors. Just a way to have some fun with Itchy the inchworm. : ] You may wish to try the games on Itchy's site as well. I think the games get changed up randomly so when I give you the worksheet links, you can check in to see what game is featured that week as well. Games are found here.
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Sun, Earth, Moon Model

This great idea can help make it easier to explain how the earth rotates around the sun & the moon rotates around the earth. Clever!
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Go Fish

Teach your child to play Go Fish if you haven't already and play the dickens out of it this week. If you don't have or can't find a Go Fish deck at the store, use a regular deck of cards & match colors and numbers. Take out the face cards; keeps it easier. You could start with a dozen matches taken out & add to the deck as the week goes on.

Summer's coming so now's the time to take inventory of what games you have, restock on ones needing to be replaced, & add new ones to the collection. Other games this age loves: Yahtzee Jr., Memory, Candy Land, various 50-100 piece puzzles, Old Maid, Uno Moo or Uno Jr., War, Slap Jack, Bingo (our kindergartener loves the colors & shapes edition). Some of these games (War, Slap Jack, Old Maid, Go Fish) can be played with a simple deck of regular cards, but you could get a special deck with your child's favorite characters on it to make it extra fun. I've never gotten into some of the classics like Cootie, Don't Spill the Beans, Don't Break the Ice, Hi Ho Cheerio, Ants in Your Pants, etc. but those are more ideas for you & your little one to spend hours of game playing fun together. We're introducing Operation & Mouse Trap this summer. Wish us luck on that & have a blast enjoying these golden game playing years!

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General Goals

  • To develop skill in singing simple songs by participating in singing with others on pitch.
  • To review counting by tens to one hundred using items in the trail mix.
  • To demonstrate & apply fire safety rules while around a campfire.
  • To raise questions about the natural world and know that scientific inquiry can be used to seek answers to questions about it.
  • To gather information about objects through the use of one or more of the senses, such as sight, smell, touch, and (under supervision) taste.
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  • When Daddy Took Us Camping - Julie Brillheart 
  • Turtle and Snake Go Camping - Kate Spohn 
  • Monk Camps Out - Emily Arnold McCully 
  • Toasting Marshmallows: Camping Poems - Kristine O'Connell George 
  • When We Go Camping - Margriet Ruurs 
  • Just Me & My Dad - Mercer Mayer 
  • Just Camping Out - Mercer Mayer 
  • Stella & Roy Go Camping - Ashley Wolff 
  • Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night - Cynthia Rylant 
  • The Camping Trip that Changed America - Barb Rosenstock

Take your pick of camping adventures from your favorite characters...

  • Flat Stanley Goes Camping - Jeff Brown 
  • Curious George Goes Camping - Margret Rey 
  • Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping - Peggy Parish
  • Camping Out (Clifford the Big Red Dog) - Lisa Ann Marsoli 
  • Angelina and Henry (Angelina Ballerina) - Katharine Holabird 
  • Caillou Goes Camping - Roger Harvey
  • Fancy Nancy: Stellar Stargazer! - Jane O'Conner

...Check with your librarian to see if your child's favorite character has a camping adventure book if I haven't listed it here.

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Indoor Tent

Set up a tent in your living room or child's bedroom. Use a flashlight to read books in it this week. Have a "sleep over" in your living room complete with sleeping bags. If you don't have real bags, you could get out or buy a king sized pillow case for your child to pretend this week.
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Backyard Camp Out

If you're able, set up a real tent in your back yard & sleep out one night this week. Play flashlight tag, tell stories, stay up late! If you'd like to register & be a part of the Great American Backyard Camp Out, sign up here. June 25 is the official date for 2016, but they say you can pick your date & still be a part of the "program".

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Have a family campfire this week & make smores &/or roast hot dogs on a stick. Sing some of the classic camp songs you know. If you don't know any (or if you'd like to find some new ones) this is a great link for it. If you can't have a campfire outdoors or find a friend's house to do it, make microwaved smores, use your gas stove if you have one to roast wienies, or for last resort, brown marshmallows over a candle. Make a pretend fire indoors with some Lincoln Logs & red, orange, & yellow tissue paper. However you end up creating your campfire, sing songs!! Here's a dozen oldies but goodies that come to mind from my church camp days to get you started: Give Me Oil in My Lamp, Pass It On (It Only Takes a Spark), Oh You Can't Get To Heaven, We Are One In the Spirit (They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love), I Am a C, I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down In My Heart, Deep & Wide, I've Got Peace Like a River, King of Kings & Lord of Lords, Who's the King of the Jungle, My God is so Big, Do Lord Oh Do Lord,
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Take a Scavenger HIke

Go on a scavenger nature hike this week. List the things you hope to see on your hike before going: a red bird, a cool looking rock, a toad, a big bug, an unusual stick, a butterfly flying past, a squirrel, chipmunk, etc. Make a trail mix to take along letting your child count 10 of each for each person: raisins, chocolate chips, peanuts, & cheerios. Take pictures to capture your findings. See how many you can find that were on your list.
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Smokey Bear

If you'd like to introduce your child to Smokey Bear this week, this link gives you some downloadable resources. This site also some games on it & looks fun, but honestly, even though this site looks great, I didn't find it overly useful. Maybe you will, so I offer it.