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String Bead Necklace

String beads to make a necklace. You could either go out & buy some nice neutral colored beads, or make your own with scrap paper & glue &/or clear nail polish.
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Pocahontas Video

Watch the Nest Entertainment video on Pocahontas. See if your local library has it.
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Looking Ahead

Gather Thanksgiving books at your library for next week.

Start gathering smelly stuff. : ] ...for the upcoming unit on Senses. It's getting harder to find scratch & sniff stickers, smelly crayons, markers, etc. at the stores, so you may need to order them on line. Here are a few links to get you started: crayons, markers, stickers, pencils.

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General Goals

  • To sort and classify animals into various categories.
  • To learn that due to diversity among living things, different organisms tend to be found in different environments/habitats.
  • To differentiate and verbalize the difference between what is real and what is pretend.
  • To observe animals in their environment, noting their tracks, sounds, etc.
  • To introduce the word nocturnal & know what that means.
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  • The Deer In the Wood - Laura Ingalls Wilder & Renee Graef  ANY of the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder/Renee Graef are beautiful! This would be a great week to get the rest of them out & read through them while you're at that shelf. (Save the one called Sugar Snow until Unit 23 on maple syrup.)  Some of my favorite picture books of all time - gorgeous pictures & wonderful stories.
  • One Small Place in a Tree - Barbara Brenner
  • Who Lives Here? Forest Animals - Deborah Hodge
  • Whose Tracks Are These? - James Nail
  • Forest Bright, Forest Night - Jennifer Ward
  • Moonlight Animals - Elizabeth Golding
  • Sounds of the Wild: Nighttime - Maurice Pledger
  • Sounds of the Wild: Forest - Maurice Pledger

This would be a fun week to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears books...

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears – James Marshall
  • Dusty Locks and the Three Bears – Susan Lowell
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Fur, Feathers, or Fins

Cut out pictures of animals & paste them on three pieces of paper: one labeled "fur", one labeled "feathers", and one labeled "fins".
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Nocturnal Animals

After reading Forest Bright, Forest Night or Moonlight Animals, have your child play the Cat in the Hat game here on nocturnal animals. Talk about what nocturnal means. Have your child name a few animals that come out at night and sleep during the day.
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Teddy Bear Counter Fun

If you have teddy bear counters, this would be a good week to use them to sort. Have your child sort them into colors. You could make patterns for your child & let your child add to the pattern you started. Then let them make a pattern & you continue theirs. (ex.- red, blue, blue, red, blue, blue or yellow, red, yellow, red.) Do some adding and subtracting story problems. (ex.- Two bears were in the house. Three more came to visit. How many are in the house now?) Act it out by drawing a simple house on a piece of paper or make one out of Lincoln Logs or Legos. (ex. of subtraction problem - Six bears were sitting at the table eating porridge. Two were finished & left for a walk. How many bears are at the table now?) Again, draw a simple table on paper to act it out or if you have a little toy table, use that. You can do all kinds of stories with a toy boat, car, etc.
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Attentive Deer

Talk about how a deer must be attentive to survive. Teach your child what attentiveness is, why it is important, & how to be attentive: direct eyes & ears toward the person talking. Make a deer with movable ears to remember.