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Coloring Pages & a DVD

There are a couple cute coloring pages found here & here. If you can, get the DVD of Sid's Backyard Camp Out from the library.
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Looking Ahead

Have a memory filled summer!
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General Goals

  • To seek information through observation, exploration, and investigations.
  • To use simple tools and equipment to enhance observation and gather data.
  • To investigate & understand that some materials sink in water while others float.
  • To develop an awareness that a map is a drawing of a place to show where things are located and that a globe is a round model of the Earth.
  • To explore beginning map skills through manipulation of objects.
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  • Somewhere in the Ocean - Jennifer Ward
  • Moonlight Ocean - Elizabeth Golding 
  • Sounds of the Wild: Ocean - Maurice Pledger 
  • My First Biography: Christopher Columbus - Marion Dane Bauer
  • I Wonder Why Columbus Crossed the Ocean and Other Questions About Explorers- Rosie Greenwood 
  • Beach Is to Fun: A Book of Relationships - Pat Brisson 
  • Float and Sink - Robin Nelson 
  • Strawberry Shortcake at the Beach - Megan E. Bryant 
  • Seashells By the Seashore - Marianne Berkes
  • Hello Ocean - Pam Munoz Ryan 
  • Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea - Jan Peck
  • Beach Day - Karen Roosa 
  • Super Sand Castle Saturday - Stuart J. Murphy
  • Christopher Columbus - Stephen Krensky
  • Follow the Dream: the Story of Christopher Columbus - Peter Sis
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Fishy Fun

Go to an aquarium this week if you have one close. Or, if you're a fishing family or know a friend who is, take your child fishing this week.
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Sink or Float?

Play a sink or float game on line here. Collect some fun objects to experiment with: marbles, a block, a rubber ball, stick, plastic fork, pencil, eraser, paper, sponge, soda bottle cap, plastic bottle, foil. Have your child draw pictures of each item before testing. Ask them to make a prediction on which will sink & underline them. Then next time your child is in the tub, collect those objects to let your child try it for themselves. After the bath, have your child circle the ones that sunk. How many did they guess right? (You could do the testing in a bowl or pan of water, but it's more fun in the tub.)
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Sand Art

Let your child make sand art pictures with colored sand. When I was a kid, we just used school glue & colored sand on stiff paper. That would work. Or, now you can buy peel & pour kits to make sea life mobiles or day at the beach pictures. Take your pick. It's always fun!
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Virtual Submarine Trip

Take a trip on a "submarine" on line here. Collect pictures of various swimmers, drifters, & crawlers in the deep sea, kelp forest, & the coral reef.
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Walk like a crab, etc. for some physical education.


Just in case your child has never seen an actual crab walk, he can watch this one...

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Make a Scene

Make a shoebox diorama craft or paper plate submarine window. You could use the sea life templates from either link to use on either project. If you are doing the submarine window craft, I've always just used cellophane wrap instead of "clear plastic". Another option is to make an ocean in a bottle as shown here. Very cute!