Our Programs

Burton Reading consists of three programs. The first is called Burton Reading: Beginnings™ and is designed for a kindergarten or first grade student. The second program is called Burton Reading: Beyond™ and is designed for students who have completed our first year reading program. Beyond™ is only available for students who have completed Beginnings™.

Our third and newest program is called Burton Reading: Solutions™. This program is designed for struggling readers who need help filling in the learning holes from previous years.

All three Burton Reading programs use a balanced reading approach and offer unparalleled training and modeling for parents.

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From a schooling/teaching standpoint, there is nothing more important that equipping your child to read well. While the Burton Reading program is designed to provide everything necessary to easily and successfully teach your child to read… there are some parents (particularly those that have a child with some reading challenges) that have expressed a desire to be able to have a one-on-one discussion / consultation with an experienced reading expert.

To that end, our existing customers may schedule 30-minutes of one-on-one discussion / instruction via phone with Carol Burton or Leith Ann (Burton) Wayne. This is available for only $25.

If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, simply click here to order. We will then follow up with you within 48-hours to schedule your one-on-one phone call or Skype session.


"We are just starting unit 14 and we are loving Burton Reading! ! My daughter is 4 1/2 (she'll be 5 in December) and your program is amazing! She loves getting a new book everyday and writing her own books! She carries her books that she's written around with her and will read them to anyone who will listen! I'm so glad I found your program at the convention in Greenville! Thanks again for developing such a great program! We're looking forward to finishing Burton Beginnings and moving on to Burton Beyond!" - South Carolina mom of 4 year old