Carol Burton"I just wanted to send a quick thank you for bringing such a great program to the homeschool community. My son is in first grade and has taken off with Burton Beginnings! We used a well known homeschool program last year for kindergarten, but he struggled with reading. I was really beginning to get worried. We are getting ready to start week 4 and my son is doing great! He is reading the books well and has memorized about half of the alphabet. Thank you for writing a basic, but EFFECTIVE program for our community!" - Mom from Indiana



"We are just starting unit 14 and we are loving Burton Reading! ! My daughter is 4 1/2 (she'll be 5 in December) and your program is amazing! She loves getting a new book everyday and writing her own books! She carries her books that she's written around with her and will read them to anyone who will listen! I'm so glad I found your program at the convention in Greenville! Thanks again for developing such a great program! We're looking forward to finishing Burton Beginnings and moving on to Burton Beyond!" - South Carolina mom of 4 year old



Carol Burton"My daughter is finishing up unit 12 today. We're half way done! I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how well things are going. We love your program. I was very worried about what reading curriculum I was going to go with, but when we heard you speak at the Ohio Convention in April I knew right then that your program was right for us. I enjoy watching your videos. I feel like I know you. It's comforting having you there to remind me of things and encourage me. I hope to meet you again at the 2012 Ohio Convention and see about Burton Reading: Beyond!" - Ohio mom



"We are LOVING Burton Reading! We are finished through Unit 21. I'm new to homeschooling and Burton was the first thing we started in May of this year. (My little girl was so excited to start, we couldn't wait until the fall!) It's been amazing to see what she's learned in this short period of time! I especially love looking back at Day 1 where you had her write her name in the box and comparing to where she is now! It's unbelievable the change! (I have a cousin who is a retired second grade teacher in AZ and she told me (my daughter) is writing and reading better than kids she taught in second grade! And (my daughter) is only 4! (We) have both learned a ton and I'm so glad that Burton is the first homeschooling experience we had! (I like things to be laid out and explained, so I really appreciate the videos and lesson plans!) We are looking forward to Burton Reading: Beyond!" - homeschool mom


"Hi Carol and family - I just wanted to thank you AGAIN for what a fabulous program you've put together. My daughter is blossoming into a beautiful reader. I don't know what I would have done without you because as I look around at other kids I can tell they are missing strategies and important pieces. Your program is the only comprehensive one I know of. And it's not just about the reading or the technical components, but that she LOVES to read. Thank you again, and again, that we have had the BEST start ever for her lifetime of reading." - Mom from Illinois


"Thank you for creating this wonderful program!" - mother of 5 year old boy



Carol Burton"I have a degree in elementary education, though I only taught middle schoolers. It is refreshing to see more programming and curriculum that aligns with what I was taught in my education classes in the homeschool community. It makes me chuckle, both your program, and the one we use for math mirror the "best practices" I was taught in my education classes. They taught us the best things to do, but then quickly followed with, but you will not be able to actually teach this way. Now in homeschooling, I can!" - new homeschool mom in Indiana



"I love your program. It has made so much difference in (my son)!" - mom of “struggling” older boy



"Thank you again! Not only did I get an incredible and very easy to follow reading program, I also receive encouragement and direction from your approach that I apply when I teach her her other subjects/lessons. You are such a blessing! THANK YOU!" - mom of 5 year old



Carol Burton"We just finished Unit 3 and I was amazed at how this week when I showed her her new word 'I' she jumped up and grabbed the books from the pile and brought me book #8 "I Go" and said "Mommy that's the word!". I was shocked she made that connection. I'm so amazed that she loves to write her letters so much. Like I said, I'm completely amazed at how far she has come in 3 weeks time. She knew her upper and lower case letters pretty well, but could never write her name or any words without my writing them down for her to copy on another sheet of paper. I am so impressed. The writing is her favorite part of the lessons." - Mom in Iowa


Hello, I just wanted to let you know I am homeschooling my 3rd kindergartener using your reading program, and they have all learned so well. I love your program, and your books are the best first readers I have ever seen. The stories are great, and I love having a new story each day that corresponds with the lesson. You also did a great job equipping me to teach. God bless you! - Happy Customer